2012-2013 Polish Government Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Poland

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Previously existing provisions on scholarships minister favored a diverse scientific activity within the university and beyond, not covered in the curriculum, including work in the scientific circle, participation in scientific research, scientific collaboration with other universities or research, publications, artistic works, studies or reports, participation in conferences and competitions, individual and parallel studies, and completed the practice, internships and courses and language certificates obtained. New scholarship for outstanding achievement in the minister will be more prestigious in nature, since the rank of achievement was set at a higher level than before, while at the same time will increase the amount of the scholarship.The new Regulation: established new criteria for the scholarship of the Minister, ie to obtain scientific excellence, artistic or sports in college or getting classified in the last years average grade student classification in group 5% of the top students of a given direction, as compared to the current abolished the condition for a minimum average ratings depending on the rating scale at the university, and clarifies the period taken into account when assessing applications.

 Student may apply no earlier than upon completion of the first year of study. The exception is a freshman second cycle commenced within one year after completion of undergraduate study.

Deadline: 15 October

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