2012-2013 Tu Horomata Scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Targeted Maori scholarships are available for study at postgraduate level for students with high academic potential. These scholarships are known as Tu Horomata Scholarships (Horomata means pure or excellent). Victoria intends to use part of the Maori and Pacific Peoples Special Supplementary Grant and additional funding allocated by the PVC(Maori)to help retain and up skill Maori students at masters level by setting up these scholarships.The purpose of the scholarships is to increase retention and completion rates of Maori at Masters level or to encourage Maori into higher education and into subject areas where Maori are under represented.

Selection for all Tu Horomata scholarships will be based on: * the student’s academic record * support for the intended research within the School/Faculty in the form of a reference statement * the relevance of the intended research project to the interests of Maori and/or * whether the research is in area where Maori are under represented * the agreement of Toihuarewa

Deadline: 01 October 2012 , 01 April 2013

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