2012 CODESRIA Higher Education Leadership Programme: Advanced Research Fellowships, Africa

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The HELP Advanced Research Fellowship programme is designed to contribute to the reinforcement and promotion of a culture of concentrated and extended reflection among African scholars on issues revolving around higher education leadership and governance in Africa. The programme particularly targets the younger generation of post-doctoral African scholars interested in carrying out advanced research on aspects related to higher education leadership in Africa. The programme is open to candidates from all disciplines of the social sciences and humanities, in higher education institutions situated within the countries that are covered in the current phase of the programme. The countries are Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Through the programme, support is offered to scholars interested in charting new research directions or extending on-going research to new heights, with the expectation that this will contribute immensely to enriching the state of knowledge about different aspects of the historical and contemporary challenges and transformations in the governance and leadership of higher education institutions. Candidates are free to determine the theme on which they wish to work and to specify their preferred methodology for doing so. In identifying candidates whose applications should be supported, emphasis will be placed on the potential for their proposals to lead to the production of new/original insights. The fellowship will cover a period of one year, at the end of which a report of publishable quality shall be submitted for evaluation. Each report is expected to be between 70,000 and 80,000 words long and, if accepted for publication, will be included in the CODESRIA Monograph Series.

To be eligible, candidates are expected to be holders of a doctoral degree in any of the social sciences and humanities. All applicants are required to be affiliated to an African university or research institution within the countries covered under this programme.

Deadline: 15th September, 2012

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