2012 Masters Thesis by Research at Victoria University, Australia

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Both Robyn and Theo have been instrumental in leading research on youth service models through their work with Visy Cares Hub and their more substantive Victorian government policy work (Broadbent, R, Papadopoulos, T, et al, Broadbent, R., 2009, Broadbent, R., Papadopoulos, T., 2009, Broadbent, R, Papadopoulos, T., et al, 2008). They bring a distinct set of skills to this research as well as a strong background in their particular areas of expertise. Robyn is a sociologist and a qualitative researcher with responsibility for interviews and focus groups. Theo is a quantitative researcher, with responsibility for survey design and evaluation. Combined they have managed complex research projects that require an evidence base generated from both sets of methodologies. Tim and Karin, who will also play a significant role in the research, are also accomplished researchers in their own right with a particular focus and expertise on young working people and apprentices. They will also bring a set of expertise that will ensure the student is well supported.

-The project is offering a student who may wish to undertake their masters by research full time a $10,000 scholarship per year for 2 years. The student will also be able to apply for an RTS place to fund their HECS cost. -They will be well supported in this application. It is hoped the research will form the basis of a more substantial grant and the possibility of upgrading to a PhD. -You must also demonstrate competency in English sufficient to work at a masters level

Deadline: 1 August 2012

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