2012 PhD Student Position in Physics within the Disciplines of Biophysics, Sweden

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The PhD student will work in an interdisciplinary project with responsibility for the development of simple and user-friendly microfluidic sorting mechanisms for cells based on morphology and deformability with application in oncology and parasitology. The work is primarily of experimental nature with focus on microfabrication, design of sorting devices, and application of the results on biomedically and clinically relevant questions. However, it also includes modeling using fluidics simulation tools. Furthermore, the PhD student will be responsible for maintaining the model systems used, i.e. relevant cell lines and parasites. The PhD student will work in close collaboration with national and international collaborators in fluidics, oncology and parasitology. The PhD studies encompass both taking advanced courses and participating in a scientific project. Teaching on undergraduate level may also be a part of the duties of the PhD student.

A formal requirement for doctoral studies in physics is an advanced university degree within a related field, such as a Master’s degree in physics or nanotechnology or equivalent, or substantial advanced course work at the master level or comparable, including an independent research project. Furthermore, the acceptance is based on the estimated ability to accomplish your postgraduate studies.

Deadline: 2012-07-20

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