2012 Research Associate Position in Imaging Chemist at King’s College London, UK

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The recent award of a BHF program grant has created a post to develop a tropoelastin specific MR contrast agent and to study its merit in preclinical models of atherosclerosis. We wish to appoint a senior research associate with experience in MR contrast agent chemistry, MRI, and vascular biology. The post holder will work as part of a larger team (including MR physicists, physicians and engineers as well as imaging biologists, chemists and protein scientists) to develop and investigate the merits of a novel tropoelastin-binding Gd contrast agent for better characterization of dysfunctional extracellular matrix remodeling in vascular diseases. The post holder is expected to further optimize the design of a tropoelastin binding MR contrast agent, to perform in-vitro and in-vivo binding studies and to closely collaborate with an imaging biologist to study if tropoelastin can be used as an imaging biomarker for detection of rupture prone plaque and aortic aneurysm. The appointee will work closely with Prof. Rene Botnar, Dr. Rafael Torres and Prof. Phil Blower.

-International applications will be considered for this position. -Doctoral degree or equivalent in chemistry, biology or medicine -Experience in preclinical imaging -Experience in animal handling -Experience in anesthesia -Experience in data post processing -Experience in vascular biology.

Deadline: 29/07/2012

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