2012 Research Associate Position in Levitated Spin Qubit Experiments at UCL, UK

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Applications are invited for an EPSRC funded Post-Doctoral Research Associate to work with Peter Barker in UCL and Gavin Morley in the University of Warwick. We have demonstrated the optical levitation of micron-sized diamonds, and plan to cool their centre-of-mass motion to the quantum mechanical ground state. Coupling this motion with nitrogen-vacancy spin qubits in the diamond is sure to provide exciting physics and will be useful for quantum information technology. You will build the experiment by replicating the diamond-trapping equipment we have, with additional provision for single-spin nitrogen-vacancy experiments.

You should have experience of designing and building physics experiments including preferably optics and lasers, microwave and RF engineering and vacuum experience. Experience with single-spin nitrogen-vacancy experiments would be particularly suitable. Applicants should have, or be very close to obtaining, a doctorate in a field related to this research area.

Deadline: 4 Aug 2012

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