2012 Research Position in Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry at University of Bristol, UK

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Anion transport across membranes is a key biological process, vital for the health of cells and organisms. Dysfunctional anion transport (usually due to faulty anion channels) is the root cause of several genetic diseases, the most common being cystic fibrosis. Molecules, which could promote chloride transport across membranes could serve as treatments for these diseases, and would certainly be useful tools for biomedical research. We have developed a series of highly powerful anion receptors and have shown that many can transport chloride anions across bilayer membranes. In this new phase of the work we aim to optimise their properties and realise their potential for medical applications. The project will involve collaboration with the group of Dr. D. N. Sheppard in the School of Physiology and Pharmacology, who will perform biophysical and biological testing, and also with that of Prof. P. Gale, University of Southampton, who will follow a complementary chemistry programme.

-The successful applicant will have a background in organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry. -PhD or equivalent degree in Chemistry or a related subject PhD or equivalent degree in Chemistry or a related subject -The abilities to think creatively and independently, and to develop new skills as necessary, are also essential.

Deadline: 27 Jul 2012

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