2012 Research/Doctoral Position at Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany

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Ilmenau University of Technology announce Research Position and Doctoral Position in Nanotechnology at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Institute of Nanotechnology in Germany 2012. The / the successful candidate / takes in research tasks in the field of mounting electronic components made of silicon and III / V semi pagers. The physical principle of positioning and electrical connection is based on novel surface tension-based self-assembly principles and transfer techniques, which constitute the core of the research. The tasks include: • The independent scientific analysis of research tasks (1) self-organized assembly of semiconductor devices (2) transfer-based assembly of semiconductor devices • Planning, implementation and evaluation of experimental work • The design and implementation of the necessary physical structures which in the course of work-th to take the shape of a machine and then a process for industrial use. • Identify the applicability of which is initially specified by the respective third-party project. In Project 1, the work is done in close collaboration with an industrial partner in the lighting industry, the LED would cost Arrange on large area substrates. In Project 2 is an integration of components on stretchable substrates in conjunction with bi-omedizinischen applications are shown. This is about the production of an “electronic tattoo”, which is in direct contact with stretchy fabric to capture biomedical data.. his scholarship is for pursing Research and Doctoral program.
The research areas of this scholarship are: The scholarship is provided to learn Nanotechnolog.
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