2012 The Altran Foundation National Award for International Students, Portugal

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Founded in June 1996, the Altran Foundation for Innovation (hereinafter “Foundation”) aims to support, particularly through its Annual Award, scientific or technological innovation that serves the common good, an applied field that varies from year to year.The Foundation Award 2012 consists of 6 months of scientific and technological support. The theme of the Foundation in Portugal for 2012 is “Technology and Innovation in the service of social inclusion.” The Social Inclusion is a set of means and actions to combat the exclusion of the benefits of life in society, caused by lack of education, financial resources, physical limitations or other disabilities, geographical origin, social class, age or racial preconceiros. A Social inclusion is a need to offer more opportunities to access goods and services within a system that gives benefits to all and not just the most favored.

The Foundation Award 2012 is available to anyone (of any nationality), any team and any type of operational structure in close collaboration with the country where it is organized: Portugal. They may also apply: schools or universities, private companies, associations and research centers, public or private.

Deadline: 31 October 2012

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