2013 Annual HDR Scholarship at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Applications for a 2013 Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Scholarship will be accepted between 20 August and 12 October 2012. All HDR applicants who submitted a 2013 application for admission prior to the scholarship round opening date will be considered automatically, unless they have advised that they are already in receipt of a scholarship. Current QUT HDR students who are not in receipt of a scholarship will be required to submit a scholarship application via QUT Virtual in order to be considered in the 2013 Round. The Research Students Centre (RSC) will be responsible for receiving scholarship applications and determining initial eligibility. Details of applications will be forwarded to Faculties as they are received, with the application available for viewing on TRIM.

-Degrees must be less than 10 years old (i.e. final year of study being 2001 or earlier). The final year of study will be used to determine this, not the graduation/conferral year -Postgraduate coursework degrees must be Australian Qualifications Framework level 9 (Masters) and consist of at least 8 units in order to be used to determine this score (i.e. excludes the use of graduate certificates and diplomas) -If the most recent degree is greater than 10 years old, or if the applicant has not completed an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree, the Most Recent Degree GPA Score will be calculated by taking the average of the Honours Equivalence and the Faculty scores. The score may appear as 0 until Honours Equivalence and Faculty scores are finalised.

Deadline: Open 20 August 2012 and Close 12 October 2012

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