2013 Call for Applications: IFS Individual Research Grants for Students of Developing Countries

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International Foundation for Science (IFS) has announced research grants for young developing country researchers. Applicants must be citizens of a developing country that is eligible for IFS support. G-20 countries and countries formerly part of the Soviet Union are not eligible.Research areas will be sustainable natural resources management, water and aquatic resources and food production, food security and nutrition area. Grants are awarded on merit basis for one to three years up to the amount of USD 12,000.  Applications must be submitted by email till 27th January 2013.. Providing early-career support to promising young developing country researchers has been the mandate of the International Foundation for Science (IFS) for many years. Building on this experience, the new IFS Strategy 2011-2020, launched in 2011, emphasizes three approaches: -Individual Research (this call) -Collaborative Research -Contributing Innovation In the Individual Research Approach, IFS continues its commitment to support excellent individual research and to build capability of early-career scientists in the developing world to  undertake research  on the sustainable management of biological and water resources.  Applicants are encouraged to tackle research issues linked to these areas, and to develop solutions that are relevant to local contexts. By encouraging local researchers to work in their home countries, generating cutting-edge and locally relevant knowledge, we hope to contribute to strengthening their countries’ research capability and ultimately contributing to a global research community aimed at reducing poverty and supporting sustainable development.. This scholarship is available for pursuing research program.
The research areas of this scholarship are:  The Research Areas for Individual Research Proposals are sought under one of three research areas: -Sustainable Natural Resources Management: Including but not limited to: Biodiversity, Forestry, Natural Products, Renewable Energy and Climate Change. -Water and Aquatic Resources : Including but not limited to: Water Resources Research; Research on all aspects of freshwater, brackish and marine aquatic organisms and their environments. -Food Production, Food Security and Nutrition: Including but not limited to: Research on Food Production; Animal Production and Veterinary Medicine; Crop Science including Underutilised Crops; Food Science and Nutrition, and Food Security issues.
Who can apply to this scholarship? To be eligible for support from IFS Individual Research, applicants must be citizens of a developing country that is eligible for IFS support, and carry out the research in an eligible country (this does not have to be the country of citizenship).
· Applicants should be at the beginning of their research careers and  have a minimum academic degree of an MSc/MA or the equivalent. To be of eligible age, men should be younger than 35 years and women should be younger than 40 years on 27thJanuary 2013 (closing date for this call). If the applicant’s 35th(men)/40th(women) birthday is on the closing date of the call, he/she is still eligible.
· Researchers, who are already IFS grantees, are eligible to apply for renewal grant irrespective of age.
Benefits of the scholarship: Individual Research grants are awarded on merit in amounts up to USD 12,000 for one to three years. Grants are intended for the purchase of basic tools for research: equipment, expendable supplies and literature, as well as field activities.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: Individual Research grants are awarded for one to three years.
Number of scholarships: Not provided

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