2013 PhD Student Position in Meteorology at Uppsala University in Sweden

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Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences offers a PhD student position. The PhD is offered in Meteorology with specialization in air-sea interaction. The applicant applying for the position should have a university degree in meteorology or similar. The position is offered commonly for the period of five years. Interested applicants must apply for the  position till 1st March 2013.. As 70% of the Earth Surface is covered by water a correct description of the exchange processes over sea is fundamental. Waves and air-sea interaction is crucial when modeling the climate system as it is the link between the dominating spheres (atmosphere and ocean). Air sea interaction is important also when modeling other processes relevant in the marine environment (off-shore wind energy, dispersion and deposition of pollutants in marine environments). The meteorological research at Uppsala University concerning the marine atmospheric boundary layer has been ongoing for severalyears, including the work with field station at Östergarnsholm east of Gotland. The ongoing work combines experimental studies with modeling. The purpose of the project is to develop a coupled numerical model for the air-sea-wave system. The models system should consist of existing model components that needs to be improved to better describe the interaction. The project is collaboration between Uppsala University and SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). The project will mainly include model development, but may also include some experimental field work..  The scholarship is provided to pursue PhD degree.
The research areas of this scholarship are:  The scholarship is awarded in meteorology with specialization in air-sea interaction.
Who can apply to this scholarship? The applicant should have a university degree in meteorology or similar. The successful candidate should have a solid base in mathematics and physics and basic computer skills. Previous experience in programming and numerical methods is a merit as is experience in experimental methods.
Benefits of the scholarship:   Not known
More information about the fellowship:
Duration:  This work is added to the 4 years of PhD studies so a PhD position is commonly 5 years.
Number of scholarships:  1 position is offered.

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