2013/2014 University of Mauritius-IDRC Masters in Social Protection Fellowships in Mauritius

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 Improving and extending the coverage of social protection is a major challenge in Africa, where less than 10% of the population has access to social security programs. The aim of this award project is to strengthen the capacity of policy analysts and professionals responsible for the financial planning and management of social protection schemes across sub-Saharan Africa, and understand how they can effectively address the welfare needs of the poor and the informal sector. IDRC will support 32 masters of science fellowships in social protection financing at the University of Mauritius, to be selected through two annual competitions. Course work developed with the support of the International Labour Organization will have a strong emphasis on quantitative training. Students will also undertake some research and analysis on such issues as social protection and its linkages to the informal sector, financing options, or new social benefits, which respond to IDRC’s Supporting Inclusive Growth (SIG) thematic priorities. Ideally, the research findings will subsequently be used by masters graduates to inform policy discussions in their countries

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