Doctoral Student Position in Enzymology/Metabolomics at University of Luxembourg, 2012 Luxembourg

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The University of Luxembourg has the following vacancy in the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB). For many enzymatic activities, the encoding genes remain unknown (orphan enzymes) and conversely, the expression products of many genes have no functional assignment. The successful candidate will use a combination of bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and mass spectrometry techniques to accelerate enzyme function discovery, a major challenge of the postgenomic era, or to better understand the physiological role of enzymes recently identified in the group. Priority will be given to enzymes that are potentially linked to metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases or aging. Gene silencing/overexpression in model organisms or cultured cells and GC-MS- or LC-MS-based metabolomic studies will play central roles in the proposed research for substrate identification and hypothesis validation.

-Master in Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, or a related discipline. -Strong background in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as good notions in bioinformatics are expected. -Previous experience with mass spectrometry techniques will be considered an important asset. -Flexible regarding research stays abroad. -Excellent English writing and speaking skills are required.

Deadline: September 2nd, 2012

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