Humber International Scholarships

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Studying abroad may become a hard decision to make, especially when there are so many interesting options out there. Choosing the country is the first thing you have to do, and once you make up your mind about it, there might still be a lot of pending work.

Most foreign students expect to find a college where they get quality education and services, but also the support and value given to international exchange, represented by the amount of students from around the world that are welcome and encouraged to develop their potentialities. Humber happens to be one of those institutions. Students from more than 138 countries found in this campus, the right place to accomplish their career goals. There are three kinds of Scholarships offered by Humber to international students, which are described below:

International Entrance Scholarships

This program is aimed to international undergraduate students and includes full and partial ($1.000 and $5.000) covering of the costs. The $1.000 scholarship is not renewable and in the case of the other programs, the student must keep a 75% average for being considered for renewal.
As for the consideration of candidacies, academic goals, reference letters, statements of interest, etc., are strong reasons for being accepted.

Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships

Covering from $1.500 up to $4.000, this scholarship is intended for secondary school students who do not hold any kind of higher education studies and have achieved a high academic level.
In order to apply for renewal, at least an 80% average is needed to be maintained in each year of the career.
Humber’s EAP program students are excluded from candidacies. The good news is this program has an unlimited number of seats.

EAP Awards

EAP means English for Academic Purposes it’s a program with its own scholarship options. If make it to level 8 and graduate from this, you are eligible for being awarded automatically.
Something interesting about this award, is that it supports cross-cultural communication, respect and English language development by motivating students to obtain the scholarship.
Humber International Scholarships offer a unique opportunity for foreign students to develop their skills in any of the multiple career options that cover many disciplines, recognizing your academic excellence as well as community involvement in your native place.

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