Postdoctoral and PhD Position in Evolutionary Genomics at CAU, University of Kiel in Germany, 2012

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Host-parasite co-evolution is predicted to have complex consequences on the genetic architecture of both interacting species. These consequences may relate to the mechanisms that (i) are of direct relevance to the interaction (e.g., resistance, pathogenicity), (ii) associate with a possible cost of co-adaptation (e.g. life-history trade-offs), or (iii) increase evolutionary rates (e.g., recombination). The advertised positions will be involved in the genomic and population genetic analysis of host and parasite material generated through evolution experiments within the German priority programme SPP 1399 on host-parasite co-evolution. PhD (for postdoc position) or Master (for PhD position) in biology, -bioinformatics, or related topic; -high motivation; -excellent background in bioinformatics and/or genomic analysis and/or population genetics; -teamwork; -ideally some experience with host-parasite interactions; -fluency in English.

Deadline: Do submit your applications till 19th December 2012.

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