Seneca International Scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Seneca College stands out for their presence all over Toronto and York region with 10 campuses all over it, where thousands of international students are welcome. Actually, it is the largest government educational institution in Canada. Seneca offers around 150 study programs including Bachelor’s Degrees, Diplomas and short Post Graduate Programs which meet the industry demands thanks to the continuous research and innovation supported by industry leaders.

Also, Seneca College’s partnerships with other Canadian universities are a big opportunity for students to get experience and achieve educational excellence. The International Student Scholarships, under the official name of “The Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit for International Students” seek to reward academic merits. Ten $1.000 renewable scholarships for those who enter a Diploma or Graduate Certificate Program are offered with an annual frequency. To be considered eligible, you must reach at least 80% of GPA in your previous studies. Besides, it is required that you have paid the fee to access the scholarship program, consisting of $ 65 (Canadian dollars) so that you can submit your application.

Once you have done this, you may apply for your study permit at the Canadian immigration department, which you can do online.
In Seneca College, you can also apply for a Residence or Off-Campus Housing Assistance, a very appropriate chance for international students. They will even pick you up at the airport if you want, for your first semester.

Programs are divided according to the geographic zone, that is, Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit Europe, Asia Pacific, The Americas and SAMEA (South Asia, Middle East, and Africa). Regarding the areas of study, Seneca College brings you the opportunity to choose between the following disciplines and programs:

  • Art, Animation & Design.
  • Aviation.
  • Business.
  • Community Services.
  • Fashion & Esthetics.
  • Hospitality & Tourism.
  • Information & Communication Technology.
  • Law, Administration & Public Safety.
  • Manufacturing & Machatronics.
  • Media & Communications.
  • Performance.
  • Recreation % Wellness.
  • Science & Engineering Technology.
  • Summer Institute.
  • University Pathways, Arts & Science.

Foreign students are seen as a great value in Seneca College. As an addition to scholarship programs, the institution offers other types of awards for students in specific conditions that require financial aid. For example, Syrian refugees with an acknowledged status who demonstrate economical needs can apply for a special program. There are other bursary programs that aim to help students with financial needs. This programs put less pressure on students in achieving high academic levels in consideration of their special status.

This is a good place for you to develop all your skills and enjoy the friendly welcome of the campus.

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