Studying abroad to get better scholarships

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There are several reasons to study abroad, to discover other cultures or the desire to enlist in a particularly reputable university. On the education side, for sure it pays! and about the financial side, if you want to get a scholarship, it can also become very advantageous.

More scholarships

Certainly, governments of countries with which Canada maintains good relations offer scholarships to canadien students. And even more! If you fit the criteria of candidates, there is no reason not to try your shot and try to win one of these beautiful government scholarships…
But if you study abroad, nothing prevents you from trying to get other grants. A purse, it’s not like a discount coupon: there is no mention of “Do not use in combination with other special offers! So you got a government scholarship or not, nothing prevents you from getting a scholarship at your university of choice. We never know. Better still, each university offers various scholarships (some municipalities too) – so you’re spoiled for choice.

And less specific criteria

Let us: governmental grants from abroad are generous, certainly, but they are also motivated by a desire for development. Its purpose is to support higher education for students from Canada. Scholarships rarely involve the undergraduate, and other preferences can exclude more than a brilliant student.
This is not bad. And yet, even if you have great desire to be an engineer to the higher cycles, if you do not have the means to finance your undergraduate, these grants are quite restrictions against-productive.
The solution? Find a good university abroad that offers good training in your industry – and scholarships at all levels! Scholarships for foreign students, grants for newcomers, academic merit scholarships, leadership scholarships – you finally have the chance to prove your worth and receive a real financial hand!

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