Tips to study in Switzerland with a scholarship

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If you want to practice your language abroad (German? Italian?) Without losing the comfort of living in a French area, Switzerland is the destination of study for you. Although its territory makes a fraction of France, Switzerland contains many universities and polytechnics to continue your education after the baccalaureate.

In French please !

Precisely because Switzerland has four official languages, it is better to inform the corner where you will fall! Zurich is a beautiful city, but unless you want to follow your courses in German, it would be better to prefer one of the following universities: Lausanne, Genêve (a university where enrollment fees are the cheapest in Switzerland!) Neuchâtel … or EPFL, ETH Lausanne. There are only four: write them well not go wrong! Otherwise, do not tell as we have not warned you!

Predict the cost of living

First, you have to see: do your scholarship covers tuition fees only, or is it rather plump to initiate ancillary costs – including housing, health insurance, food and travel? The cost of many of these necessities is higher than if you had chosen to study in France for example, so plan in advance a budget. It would not be very clever to spend the value of your scholarship by lack of organization and foresight!

Formalities and scholarships

Study abroad, it requires a certain amount of paperwork. Visa, identity papers, certificate of maturity: make sure you have all the necessary equipment in hand in time. Speaking of formalities, better inform you about the scholarships available as soon as possible. Switzerland is very generous in the amounts paid to fellows – and on site you will find between 210 and 240 scholarships addressed to foreign students. The downside? These scholarships are exclusively thoughts for graduate students who have received their license.
Obviously, if you already planning your trip, it’s probably that you have the necessary qualifications and the stock market to reward your good results. In this case, one last tip: try not to let your scores fall during your stay in Switzerland. Who knows, maybe you can get a new scholarship on the spot!

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